Buenavista, a 2nd class municipality and one of the five towns comprising the Province of Guimaras is composed of 7 urban  and 29 rural barangays with a total land area of 12,826 hectares. It has a terrain varying from plain hilly to mountains and bounded by the sea on the three directions that contributes for a mild and cool climate.

Located at the Northern tip of the Guimaras Island, the Northwestern part of the town overlooks the Panay Island while the Northeastern portion faces Negros.  It is approximately 2 miles away from Iloilo City and 6 miles from Negros.  It is cut by the Iloilo Strait from the former and Guimaras Strait from the latter.

The Municipality of Buenavista aims to provide a safe, efficient and comfortable transfer of passengers with various modes of transportation. Thus, the construction of the Passenger Terminal Building in the wharf area - a Port Development Project, materialized. The Buenavista Wharf is located at Brgy. Sto. Rosario, Buenavista, Guimaras and was subsidized from the Performance Challenge Fund (PCF) project amounting to P1M and P1,082,000.00 from the LGU counterpart. The construction of the Passenger Terminal Building included concrete works, roof framing and roofing.

 Passenger terminals require relatively minor equipment as the main objective is for mobility so passengers may readily access Public Utility Jeepneys (PUJs), Public Utility Vehicles (PUVs), Tricycles and motorcycles. The amount of time passengers spend in the terminal has been shortened since PUJs/PUVs are already waiting in line for traveling passengers.  Once the PUJ/PUV is full to capacity, it leaves the terminal to take its intended route.  Concrete benches form part of the passenger terminal and serves as a waiting area for the passengers.    The terminal building also gives temporary relief from the extreme heat of the sun for commuters who take refuge under it

No problems were encountered during the construction of the passenger terminal.  It has benefitted local residents, commuters, drivers, vendors, tourists and everyone else who pass by the area and make use of the amenities the passenger terminal building provides.

Satisfied benefactors are likewise happy with the project as Ronie Tolones, a tricycle driver said “…gadayaw guid ako sa Passenger Terminal Building kay tanan ya nga naga agi sa wharf maka benepisyo guid sa ini nga proyekto.”     Meanwhile, Razil Jayopelin, a daily commuter has this to say:    “Mag-ulan man ukon mag-init indi na problema kay ang balantayan jeep may ara na pwede mapasilungan.” (LGOO II Charmine T. Galvez, DILG6-Guimaras)