IVISAN Evacuation Center—A DILG-BuB funded project is a picture of resiliency. It was built out of the DILG-BuB fund which will be utilized by Ivisanons during calamities and disasters.  In the absence of the latter, the center serves as a function room where seminars, trainings and conferences. The Evacuation Center can accommodate at least 30 heads.
The Evacuation Facility has a separate room to accommodate evacuees and area for medical, lactation and/or marital purposes during the evacuation. Behind the evacuation center, is the mini-kitchen where the evacuees can cook their food. The Municipality of Ivisan took measures to protect the privacy and needs of the evacuees, in particular children, women, people with disabilities and the elderly. The DILG-Ivisan Evacuation Center was built to withstand and adapt from the natural calamities that endanger the lives of residents within the community. The center was designed to minimize the risk of different calamities and the need to promote the health  and saniation of evacuees to prevent the acute exacerbation of disease during evacuation.