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As of today, 23 confirmed cases were recorded in DILG Iloilo Province. All personnel tested positive were already undergoing isolation in their respective LGUs. Extensive contact tracing has been done to determine up to the 2nd degree of contacts. 

Meanwhile, the DILG Regional Office 6 Management has already declared a Work from Home Arrangement for all personnel to ensure their safety. Moreover, all personnel with established contacts to the positive cases were already informed and were included in the line list of contacts for swabbing.

The DILG Iloilo Province has been decontaminated following this incident.

The DILG 6 has been in close coordination with the Iloilo City Government and the DOH 6 to ensure that all protocols are observed from isolation to contact tracing.

The public is advised to remain calm as the condition is properly managed and handled by the management of DILG 6. 

As the head of the RIATF, the department is committed to secure by all means the general public including its personnel in the infections brought by COVID-19. 

In the spirit of transparency, we will be providing updates to our constituents for their guidance and information.

Let's all continue to observe minimum health standards and ensure that we boost our immune system, as we are still battling this unseen enemy.

With high-spirits, we in DILG 6 guarantees the public that our service will not falter even with this incident. Out commitment remains steadfast in ensuring that we ALL HEAL AS ONE!