Jordan is located on the western part of Guimaras with 12,611 hectares land area.  A Third Class Municipality composed of 14 Barangays with a total population of 34,791 as of May 1, 2012. Jordan is the nearest point of access from Iloilo City allowing the Municipality better trade opportunities and development stimuli than other municipalities.  This may be the reason why Jordan is also regarded as the commercial center of the island and makes road safety an important issue for tourism authorities.

The Nabagatnan Bridge is located at Sitio Nabagatnan, Poblacion, Jordan, Guimaras.  Prior to the repair and rehabilitation of the Nabagatnan Bridge, a number of commuters and residents are complaining about their safety every time they pass by the area.  The bridge also serves as passageway for elementary students of Jordan Central School in going to and from school and thus jeopardizing their safety if such bridge is still in a dilapidated state.  Other than structural deterioration, the bridge also lacks guardrails that will keep commuters from falling out of the bridge.

Over the service life of a bridge, its constituent materials are continually subjected to fatigue and wear-tear due to dynamic vehicular loads. Overloading due to increase in wheel loads and regular exposure to aggressive external environment may aggravate the situation further. Defects in the constituent materials may be manifested in the form of cracking, spalling of concrete, excessive deflection of structure, corrosion of steel components, etc. It is evident that rehabilitation of bridges involves addressing a myriad of problems and no single technique could offer a complete solution.

This Performance Challenge Fund (PCF)-Supported Project started on September 18, 2012 after all the materials needed in the construction were delivered. Concrete removal techniques were used in the removal of the existing concrete from the bridge; widening of the bridge approach; installing a new line of concrete beams; placing a new concrete bridge deck with concrete guardrails and bridge approach.

The rehabilitation and construction of the Bridge including its accessories and concrete road overlay/rehabilitation was completed last February 2013.   The beneficiaries of this project were 76 households (residents and commuters) and 25 skilled and semi-skilled workers who were hired during the construction period.

The new bridge is beneficial to all residents including myself for I no longer be in harms way everytime I pass through the bridge because it is now safe and secure to pass by most especially during the night.” Boy Dalida, a resident said. (LGOO II Charmine T. Galvez, DILG6)

Citing its 2012 assessed performance, the Department of the Interior and Local Government Region VI has been ranked as Best Performer for the 2012 Performance-Based Bonus. The announcement was made by Secretary Mar Roxas in his letter dated October 23, 2013 to DILG Regional Director Evelyn A. Trompeta.

According to the SILG the ranking was based on the assessment made by the DILG Central Office Bureaus and Services using the following parameters; 1.) Accomplishments in accordance to PBB Performance Targets and Programs/Projects/Activities Accomplishments, 2.) Compliance to Bureau Targets and 3.) Commendable performance in special assignments and innovations in Regional Office specific initiatives.

Director Trompeta pointed out that this is something to be proud of as it reflects the team effort exerted by every official and employee in the region. She further said that the recognition is beyond its monetary compensation as it truly guarantees an excellent service delivered in assisting every local government unit in the region.

The granting of the PBB is still in line with the new incentives system designed to reward the exemplary performance of government officials and employees. The PBB is sourced-out from the Miscellaneous Personnel Benefits Fund (MPBF) which is a yearly agency budget for personnel benefits of government officials and employees, including compensation adjustments under the Salary Standardization Law.

The ranking entitles the officials and employees of DILG Region VI to receive the following amount of PBB subject to withholding taxes, based on the ranking made by the regional office on its employees:



BEST (10%)

BETTER (25%)

GOOD (65%)





(LGOO III Christian M. Nagaynay, DILG6)

In the furtherance of transparent and accountable local governance, DILG Secretary Mar Roxas enjoins  barangays to create transition team composed of the outgoing Punong Barangay as Chairman, and the following member:  one Barangay Kagawad, Barangay Secretary, Barangay Treasurer, Barangay Bookkeeper or a representative from the city/municipal government.

The team shall ensure a smooth local governance transition to newly elected or re-elected barangay officials by November 30, 2013.  The team shall perform the following tasks and responsibilities:

  1. Conduct or update the inventory of all properties, finances and documents of the barangay beginning October 1, 2013 until November 15, 2013;
  2. The team must see to it that all financial records and transactions are intact and all officials in actual possession of, or entrusted with, the custody or control or supplies or property are held accountable for such;
  3. All documents must be assembled such as but not limited to the following legislative records, administrative records and supplies and transcripts of lupon meetings and cases, registry of barangay inhabitants and list of members of barangay assembly;
  4. Use the prescribed forms in the turn-over of responsibilities;
  5. Organize a turn-over ceremony to include briefing on the State of Barangay Governance, Financial Performance and Key Challenges to the incoming set of officials; and
  6. Ensure that all outgoing barangay officials secure clearance from the Barangay Treasurer. The Barangay Treasurer who is applying for property clearance shall secure such clearance from the Punong Barangay.

In case of loss of barangay property occurring in transit or due to calamity, the concerned official is to file a request for relief together with the following documents as per Article 442, IRR of the Local Government Code:

  1. Affidavit of accountable officer containing statement of facts and circumstance of loss;
  2. Affidavit of two disinterested persons cognizant of the facts and circumstances of loss;
  3. Final investigation report of the office or department head and proper government investigating; and
  4. A list and description including book value, date of acquisition, property number, account classification, condition of the property and other additional relevant information of the properties lost duly certified by the provincial/city general service officer, municipal treasurer or barangay treasurer, as cases may be.

The request for relief is to be filed with the concerned city or municipal auditor by the accountable officer within the statutory period of thirty days or such longer period as may be allowed by the auditor and is to be coursed through the Barangay Treasurer.

In the exercise of general supervision over the component barangays, all City and Municipal Mayors are enjoined to ensure that there is smooth and orderly turnover of responsibilities for the proper use and care of government funds and properties. (RIO Christine S. Palma, DILG6)

ROXAS CITY, Capiz - In support of the National Greening Program of President Benigno S. Aquino, III, the Department of the Interior and Local Government of Capiz Province actively participated in the 2013 Oplan Broadcasteering/The Urban Greening Project last September 7, 2013, spearheaded by the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster sa Pilipinas  - Roxas City Chapter.

The KBP – Roxas City Chapter, headed by Ms. Joan Dadivas, together with DILG Capiz and various government agencies worked hand in hand in planning the whole activity. This year’s urban planting site is at Palina River Ecopark, located at Barangay  Cagay, Roxas City.

Participants of the activity were able to plant 3,000 mangove seedlings along the coast of the Palina River. Also present in the said activity were representatives from the Philippine Information Agency, the Philippine Coast Guard, Capiz Emergency Response Team and the Capiz Association of Government Public Information Agency. (LGOO II Marecor M. Diaz, DILG6-Capiz)