Education: Bachelor’s Degree
Experience: 2 years relevant experience
Training: Completion of Training Course for LGOOs
Eligibility: CS Prof. (2nd Level)
No. of vacant positions: One (1)
Item NUMBER: DILGB-LGOO5-32-1998
Core Competencies 1.  Commitment to Ethical Service and Good Governance (Able to demonstrate a strong desire to promote good governance and establish positive organizational image by following the civil servants’ code of conduct and modelling professional ethics and values as transparency, accountability, participation, and effectiveness)
2.  Customer Focus (Able to identify and respond to current and future, internal and external customers’ needs, delivering high quality (efficient and effective) services that meet their needs)
3.  Ensuring Excellent Results (Able to effectively manage one’s time and resources to complete task even in challenging situations; thinking out of the box, considering others’ feedback, and taking accountability for final results)
4.  Organizational Sensitivity (Able to understand the organization’s mandate, structure, and culture, along with major policies, legislations, and resources which influence its operations)
Functional Competencies 1.  Effective Communication (Able to understand technical/professional information and skillfully process and utilize them in oral and written forms of communication, using the medium appropriate for target audience)
2.  Influence (Able to establish trust, rapport, and credibility with key customers and stakeholders in order to transform key messages and ideas into productive action and secure support for the actual implementation of programs)
3.  Managing Knowledge and Information (Able to manage accessible and functional systems which facilitate the gathering, developing, and sharing of knowledge and information across the organization to aid the actions and decision making of stakeholders)
4.  Policy Research and Analysis (Able to develop, evaluate and determine policies which can influence stakeholders, effectively facilitate the implementation of projects and programs, and help achieve identified goals)
5.  Program Development and Management (Able to employ a strategic project-approach, carefully planning and organizing activities within a set timeframe and funding, managing risks and considerations, to achieve specific of deliverables and effectively perform the mandate/function of the different units)
6.  Relationship-Building (Able to develop partners/network of partners and actively maintain good relationships with internal and external stakeholders to establish strategic advantages and meet mutual goals)
7.  Technical Proficiency – Local Governance Operations (Able to demonstrate depth of knowledge and skills that is unique to one’s field of work)

  This position is open to all qualified applicants regardless of gender, civil status, disability, ethnicity and/or religion.

date posted: 2017.07.10