DILG-RO6 LO-01 s.2010 BAC Members on Appropriation Ordinance No. 09-008 particularly Section 3
DILG-RO6 LO-02 s.2010 Whether or not there is still a need for any order before you could re-assume your office after expiration of the 90-day suspension
DILG-RO6 LO-03 s.2010 Whether or not the veto of Appropriation Ordinance had lapsed, which would render the same valid and effective even without the signature of the municipal mayor
DILG-RO6 LO-04 s.2010
  • What are the grounds to declare an elective position vacant?
  • Does the Local Chief Executive has the authority to drop the name of an elective official from the rolls of employees
  • Does the enactment of an appropriation ordinance where the position of the vice-mayor is declared as vacant necessarily imply that indeed it is vacant? as corollary has the sangguniang bayan the power to declare an elective positionvacant?
  • Do you have any liability if you will not assume the office of the vice mayor
  • Should you assumethe office of the vice-mayor and the same is later on declared to be not vacant, would you be civilly, administratively or criminally liable?
DILG-RO6 LO-05 s.2010 Required number of votes in order to approve resolution
DILG-RO6 LO-06 s.2010 Procedures on Negotiated Contract on adjacent or contiguous projects as provided for in RA 9184
DILG-RO6 LO-07 s.2010 Whether or not the Sangguniang Panlalawigan can pass a resolution declaring a recess in the conduct of its session
DILG-RO6 LO-08 s.2010
  • Is it proper for several heads of offices of the municipality to sign a letter of reconsideration together with the municipal mayor?
  • Could the municipal mayor, together with the concerned department heads, refuse to appear before the sangguniang bayan despite the receipt of invitation?
DILG-RO6 LO-09 s.2010 Whether there is still a need for a resolution of the sangguniang bayan before the municipal mayor can use the 5% calamity fund
DILG-RO6 LO-10 s.2010 Validity of the conduct of the special session of the sangguniang bayan
DILG-RO6 LO-11 s.2010 Whether of not you are deemed resigned upon the filing of yourcertificate of candidacy as sangguniang bayan member
DILG-RO6 LO-12 s.2010 Fill up the vacancy with pending protest files by another applicant
DILG-RO6 LO-13 s.2010 Whether or not the temporary presiding officer can exercise her right to vote as a councilor
DILG-RO6 LO-14 s.2010 Engaged in any business trancastion with the local government unit in which he is an official or employee or over which he has the power of supervision
DILG-RO6 LO-15 s.2010 The power or authority to declare a particular day a special holiday
DILG-RO6 LO-16 s.2010 Clarification on the issue regarding the availment of scholarship by outgoing and incoming barangay and SK officials
DILG-RO6 LO-17 s.2010
DILG-RO6 LO-18 s.2010 Issue of who shall convene the duly elected Liga Municipal Chapter Presidents for the purpose of electing their provincial Liga officials