DILG-RO6 LO-01 s.2011 Opinion on the action taken by the Mayor with regards to the enacted budget forwarded to him for action
DILG-RO6 LO-02 s.2011 Whether the appointed Brgy. Treasurer is qualified despite of the fact that he/she is not a registered voter of the barangay
DILG-RO6 LO-03 s.2011 Position of the Department on House Bill No. 179 authored by Hon. Niel C. Tupas, Jr. of the 5th District of the Province of Iloilo, creating the Municipality of Culasi
DILG-RO6 LO-04 s.2011 Whether the Sangguniang Bayan has the power to slash or reduce the appropriations of some items in the proposed exacutive budget
DILG-RO6 LO-05 s.2011 Whether a Punong Barangay can claim his or her honorarium despite of the fact that he or she is presently employed
DILG-RO6 LO-06 s.2011 Whether or not the position of Barangay Secretary is covered by the civil service rule on security of tenure
DILG-RO6 LO-07 s.2011 Whether or not an ex-officio members representing the Federation of the SK is entitled to receive the same amount as barangay council members
DILG-RO6 LO-08 s.2011
DILG-RO6 LO-09 s.2011
DILG-RO6 LO-10 s.2011 Whether or not the IRP adopted by the sangguniang bayans and components cities of a province need to be reviewed and acted upon by the sangguniang panlalawigan concerned
DILG-RO6 LO-11 s.2011
DILG-RO6 LO-12 s.2011
DILG-RO6 LO-13 s.2011
DILG-RO6 LO-14 s.2011 Whether the Sangguniang Bayan can lawfully authorize the Municipal Administrator to take and institute appropriate legal actions against certain persons for and in behalf of the mnunicipality
DILG-RO6 LO-15 s.2011 Seeking clarification on the interpretation of DILG M.C. No. 2011-92 dated June 29, 2011, the subject of which is the Acquisition of Local Government Motor Vehicles
DILG-RO6 LO-16 s.2011 Clarification on which between the Barangay and the Municipality has the primary jurisdiction to impose and collect fees, charges and other impositions on billboards etc
DILG-RO6 LO-17 s.2011 Seeking clarification on the application/implementation of the DILG MC No. 2011-68, reiterating Operating Conditions for tricycles and pedicabs
DILG-RO6 LO-18 s.2011
DILG-RO6 LO-19 s.2011 Clarification on the validity of plan to purchase an ambulance as contained in your Annual Development Plan
DILG-RO6 LO-20 s.2011 Whether or not you can legally interpose objection to the apporval of a Barangay Ordinance based on the grounds
DILG-RO6 LO-21 s.2011