DILG-RO6 LO-01 s.2014  Whether the two proclaimed Barangay Kagawad during 2013 Barangay Election can legally concur to the appointments of Brgy. Treasurer and Barangay Secretary with the Brgy. Chairman, considering that the other five Brgy. Kagawad are not yet officially proclaimed due to manifest error in the addition of votes found by the Board of Canvassers a day after the 2013 Barangay Election.
DILG-RO6 LO-02 s.2014
  •  Whether or not the referral ofthe Office of the Ombudsman to this Body of a criminal complaint can already constitute a formal administrative complaint files against the respondents under the administrative jurisdiction of the SP
  • Whether ot not the SP can proceed to hear the case even without requiring complaint against the respondent since what has been filed with the Ombudsman is a criminal case for bigamy
DILG-RO6 LO-03 s.2014
  •  Can the Acting Vice-Mayor simultaneously hold office as Acting Vice-Mayor and Ex-Officio Member of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan
  • May the No. 1 SB Member who at the same time is the PCL President and Ex-Officio Board Member waive his right to succeed as Acting Vice-Mayor without any legal liability
  • Will it be possible for him to choose one position or office over the other without any legal repercussion on his part
DILG-RO6 LO-04 s.2014  Will the construction of a Barangay Hall and Day Care Center constitute a violation of the Deed of Donation?  Would the heirs have basis to rescind the contract?
DILG-RO6 LO-05 s.2014  Anchorage of foreign vessels at the LGU's water jurisdiction without its authority
DILG-RO6 LO-06 s.2014  Whether or not an ordinance is valid
DILG-RO6 LO-07 s.2014  An Internal Rules which allowed three(3) consecutive absences and in excess of which a member may be suspended
DILG-RO6 LO-08 s.2014  
DILG-RO6 LO-09 s.2014  
DILG-RO6 LO-10 s.2014  
DILG-RO6 LO-11 s.2014  
DILG-RO6 LO-12 s.2014  
DILG-RO6 LO-13 s.2014  
DILG-RO6 LO-14 s.2014  
DILG-RO6 LO-15 s.2014