DILG-RO6 LO-01 s.2015 Validity or legality of the action taken by Sangguniang Panlalawigan which declared City Ordinance invalid after the lapse of the thirty (30)-day period required under the Local Government Code
DILG-RO6 LO-02 s.2015  Whether the three-term limit rule would apply in case you did not finish one term because of succession
DILG-RO6 LO-03 s.2015
  •  Propriety of the Sanggunian to deduct amount from a certain item and transfer such amount to another item in an executive budget.
  • Possible remedies that the Local Chief Executive can avail if the Sanggunian acted beyond the bounds of their authority
DILG-RO6 LO-04 s.2015
  •  Whether a public official in section 90 of RA 7160 practice their profession after their office hours.
  • The concept or definition of "FLEXIBLE HOURS OF DUTY" for public officials in the government
DILG-RO6 LO-06 s.2015  Clarification and legal opinion on Section 94 of the Local Government Code of 1991
DILG-RO6 LO-07 s.2015  Validity of a Municipal Revenue Ordinance
DILG-RO6 LO-08 s.2015
  •  Whether the approval of an appropriation ordinance requires the approval of a simple majority or qualified majority
  • Difference between a simple majority and a qualified majority in terms of voting legislative measures