In a proactive move to evaluate the past fiscal year’s performance and pave the way for a successful 2024, the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) VI hosted a comprehensive Year-End Performance Review and Strategic Planning event at District 21 Hotel on November 22-23, 2023. The event saw active participation from key decision-makers, including DILG provincial and city directors, cluster heads, program managers, budget officers, LGRRC facility heads, division and unit chiefs, and planning officers.

DILG VI Assistant Regional Director, Maria Calpiza J. Sardua reflected on the challenges of 2023, stating, “This year has been somehow challenging. This is the year when we transitioned to the new normal, and implementation of PPAs was not that smooth. This activity will ensure that 2024 will be a lot better.”

The Annual Operations Plan and Budget’s Year-End Performance Review played a pivotal role in organizational governance, specifically in the context of social and community development initiatives. Looking ahead to FY 2024, the strategic planning process integrated insights gleaned from the performance review, aligning DILG Plans such as Learning and Development, LGRRC Plan, and GAD Plans into the FY 2024 AOPB. Workshops, following presentations, focused on ensuring indicators’ practical applicability to offices, provinces, or cities, underscoring a commitment to impactful initiatives.

The second day of the event featured workshops, allowing field offices to identify their activities for the upcoming year. Subsequently, the DILG regional calendar of activities was meticulously plotted, harmonizing consolidated activities from both field offices and the regional office to prevent scheduling conflicts and ensure each activity serves its purpose.

As the DILG VI gears up for 2024, this strategic initiative sets the stage for a year of progress, collaboration, and impactful community development. ###