Excellence in Local Governance (EXCELL) Awards - is spearheaded by the regional office of the Department of Interior and Local Government in Western Visayas. It is a regional effort which recognizes excellent performances of local
government units on five areas namely: administrative governance, social services, economic development, environmental management and local legislation.

Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE) - As mandated by DILG Circular No. 2001-17 dated July 24, 2001, DILG PRAISE is designed to encourage creativity, innovativeness, efficiency, integrity and productivity in the public service by recognizing and rewarding officials and employees, individually or in groups, for their suggestions, inventions, superior accomplishments and other personal efforts which contribute to the efficiency, economy or other improvements in government operations, or for other extraordinary acts or services in the public interest. Itadheres to the principle of providing incentives and awards based on performance, innovative ideas and exemplary behavior that likewise give emphasis on the timeliness of giving award or recognition.  In view hereof, in 2003, DILG Region VI conceived its own awards system named Performance Incentive for Service And Novelty or also known as “PISAN.” PISAN is an Ilonggo word which means industriousness. For 5 years of its implementation it has produced national finalists and 4 national winners on DANGAL NG BAYAN and PAG-ASA awards, respectively which marked a milestone not only for Region VI, but for the Department.

Seal of Disaster Preparedness (SDP) - is conferred to a local government which demonstrates an acceptable level of disaster preparedness and disaster preparedness response before and during calamities as an official symbol of excellence. The Seal has two levels of assessment. The first level looks into disaster preparedness before a calamity occurs. The second level focuses on disaster preparedness-response during a calamity.

Performance Challenge Fund Incentive - is an incentive fund to LGUs in the form of counterpart funding to high-impact capital investment projects in the Annual Investment Program (AIP) and funded out of the 20% Local Development Fund consistent with national goals and priorities. It shall seek to rationalize national government intergovernmental transfers to LGUs, and encourage alignment of local development initiatives with national government development agenda and priorities.

Seach for Outstanding Barangay Tanod - is a pioneering project of the Regional Management Coordinating Committee of Region VI composed of DILG agencies (DILG-LG, NAPOLCOM, BFP, BJMP, PNP and PPSC-RTS6) which recognizes the contribution of volunteer peace-keepers in the barangay. Launched in 2005, its criteria include the legal basis for the organization of the barangay tanod, organization and functional structure, logistical and financial support, trainings, support facilities and equipment as well as accomplishments.

Local Legislative Awards - is for the Sanggunians which excel in legislative laws that ultimately contribute to the attainment of desirable socio-economic and environmental outcomes as evaluated on the following: (1) Effectiveness of the Legislative Agenda; (2) Effectiveness of the
Legislative Tracking System; (3) Availability of Legislative Documents; (4) Efficiency of Performance of the Sanggunian: and (5) Quality of Office Set-Up and Staff Complement.

Lupong Tagapamaya Incentives and Awards -  was established in 1997 as a means to institutionalize a system of granting economic benefits and other incentives to the Lupong Tagapamayapa that demonstrates exemplary performance in settling disputes at the grassroots level. The performance and accomplishments of the lupons were evaluated by committees organized at the regional, provincial and municipal levels on the basis of a) efficiency of operations; b) effectiveness in securing the katarungang pambarangay objectives and c) creativity and resourcefulness of mediators.