It is a pioneering project of the Regional Management Coordinating Committee of Region VI composed of DILG agencies (DILG-LG, NAPOLCOM, BFP, BJMP, PNP and PPSC-RTS6) which recognizes the contribution of volunteer peace-keepers in the barangay. Launched in 2005, its criteria include the legal basis for the organization of the barangay tanod, organization and functional structure, logistical and financial support, trainings, support facilities and equipment as well as accomplishments.

The Barangay Tanod along with other non-government and public/private volunteer organizations/responders are prime contributors and major stakeholders in the implementation of the government’s peace and order programs, projects and initiatives. They served their barangays on a purely voluntary basis, risking their lives and limbs to preserve peace and order in their locality, for minimal or negligible financial remuneration.

The Barangay Tanods are considered to be the agents of persons in authority who act as the front liners in the preparation and response to any type of atrocities, public disorders, emergencies and even disasters or man-made calamities that threaten peace and order and public safety. Their spirit of volunteerism and unwavering concern for the community deserves to be recognized and honored through the conduct of the Search for the Outstanding Barangay Tanods. It aims to recognize the best performing Barangay Tanods in Western Visayas region in pursuit of the implementation and management of peace and order programs, projects and initiatives.

Specifically, the search which has four (4) categories:

  1. Outstanding individual tanod;
  2. Outstanding group tanod;
  3. Heroism award
  4. Posthumous award

It aims to provide incentives and awards to best performing Barangay Tanods (individual and group); strengthen the volunteer system and auxiliary network between and among public and private responders; strengthen the monitoring system at various levels and provide a vehicle for improvement of skills, knowledge and techniques in pursuit of the preservation of peace and order and public safety

Role of DILG:

  1. Field Officer are mandated to render TA in the organization of Barangay Tanods in all barangays;
  2. Regularly update and submit membership of barangay tanods to higher offices;
  3. Render/furnish regular or special reports concerning activities, accomplishments and queries affecting barangay tanods ;
  4. Coordinate with different LGUs /NGAs, POs, NGOs, CSOs and other partner –donor agencies in the organization of different selection committee members/ teams in the different levels;
  5. For HUCs and CCs, Identify and conduct assessment of nominees at their level based on the guidelines issued by the RSC; serves as consultants in the preparation of supporting documents for nomination and submit nominations to RSC;
  6. For Provincial offices, evaluate municipal and component city nominees based on the guidelines set by RSC; submit provincial nominees to the RSC and coordinate activities for successful implementation of the assessment and award system;
  7. For Regional Office, responsible for fund sourcing in relation to the conduct of the search; set the criteria for evaluation of nominees in various categories; receive and conduct table (individual) and field (group) evaluation;
  8. As Search Secretariat, prepare documents required for the implementation of the activity (including activity design, plaques and other awards); responsible for the preparation of financial requirements and consummation of awarding ceremonies to include the venue, invitation and accommodation of participants and other related activities and submit post-activity report to higher authorities.